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Ticks, Ticks, and more Ticks

By February 28, 2018 Uncategorized

We are less than 1 month away from the official start of Spring and with Springtime comes.. Bug time! Here are some facts to be aware of as we head into a season that carries potential threats for both YOU and your beloved pets. We are always here to answer any questions regarding Disease Testing Options (for Tick Borne disease and Heartworm disease), Parasite Prevention and Control (topical and oral products) as well as vaccines (Lyme Disease Vaccine).

1) Ticks come in all sizes! Check your pet carefully after every outdoor adventure to make sure you don’t miss any!
2) Tick’s don’t jump/fly/drop, they CLIMB! They wait on vegetation for an animal or person to come close enough for them to crawl over and climb on. They then feed on yours or your pets blood (yuck!)
3) Lyme Disease is just one of the many diseases that ticks can transmit to both people and pets.
4) Ticks are expanding their range in Canada. That means the risk of pets and people being exposed to ticks and the diseases they can carry (such as Lyme Disease) is growing as well. Your vet can set up a tick control program suited to your pet that will help protect both YOU and your pets.
5) Removing a tick as soon as you spot it can reduce the chances of disease transmission. If you are uncomfortable removing a tick yourself please call your veterinarian who would be happy to help! (as well as send you home with a very useful removal tool)
6) Ticks don’t understand season, they are active all year round. The temperature must stay below 0 degrees for at least 1 week duration for the ticks to die, otherwise they will go dormant until the temperatures rise again.

Found a tick? Don’t panic! Act quickly.

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