Christmas Presents

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This time of year may be tempting to get a puppy, or a kitten as a present.  It is better to discuss with the person you want to surprise.  May puppies, and kittens that are given as a gift end up in shelters or euthanized due to people not fully understanding what owning a pet involves.


Present Shopping

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Remember when buying pet presents to consider a few helpful tips:

  1.  An allergy concerns
  2.  Is this appropriate for the pets age (ie. dental chews not good for kitten, and puppies under 6 months age)
  3.  Bones, and hard chews are never good.  Can results in broken teeth
  4.  Choking hazards?

Cooler weather means trouble paws

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Hey everyone!!

Don’t forget with the cooler weather to keep an eye on your furbabies paws.  Salt can get suck in the fur, and make it hard for them to walk.  Also don’t want them to ingest the salt by them trying to clean their paws themselves.  Ice, and hard snow can cut their paws.  Always a good idea to get booties for their feet.