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Laser Therapy

We pride ourselves in continuing to provide the best care for our patients.  This includes doing continuing education to further our medical skills.  We now offer holistic medicine with our cold laser therapy machine.  Our machine is called a Theralase, and is made in Canada.  The main goal of the Theralase is to decrease pain, and inflammation, and increase blood flow.  The increase in blood flow helps speed up the healing.  Laser therapy can be used with wounds, ear infections, incision sites, arthritis, dental extractions, and much more.  It is safe for any age of pets.  We offer bundle packages too.

Acute Injury can take up to 1-5 treatments to see improvement. 

Sub Acute Injury can take up to 6-10 treatments to see improvement.

Chronic Injury can take up to 10-15 treatments to see improvement.

Call us today for more information.  

This is Danny he is suffering from arthritis.  With one treatment his Mom has seen a difference in his mobility.


This is Bones she had very hard and swollen mammary glands.  The laser helped reduce the inflammation, and the pain.


New Clients

We love to meet with new clients, their families and their pets. Our veterinarians and staff will provide services with courtesy, respect and compassion. Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our receptionists, your pet will be weighed and you will be asked to verify your personal information for the file.

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